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lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Carrera Hipercor Alcalá de Henares 2011

This is the second Alcala's race after summer time. I've got it marked on the calendar a long time ago. I've been  training on a different way for a month and it's my first truly test on a 10k distance. I woke up so nerviuos and almost pressured by myself because I wanted to see the results of my training on the clock. This sennsation of nerviousness was decreasing since I was getting nearest to the race start. My objetive was to get a  45' time in the race.
The race started at 11:30 a.m. and we began to run, inmediately I run 4'10" minutes each thousen meters, which is too fast for me but I felt so comfortable runnig. I reduced my speed in the second kilometer because I felt I would pay for being too fast and I earned energy to the final. In the 8th kilometer I am tired, really tired... and I tried to economy energy a little, so I suffer a crisis that I exceed being cerebral and trying to think that the final is so close .  That's the way I arrived last kilometer and I began to accelerate to get a 4'15" speed and finish.
The result is 43'26" which is a great time for me, the training is been good and I must go on to improve that way. It's been so nice to see a lot of people known by me screaming my name, they really made me run faster for a some meters...
The worst thing that happened to me was the lack of hydration, I found   a water provisioning in the 5,5 km but it was very difficult to drink the water while I was running so fast and I didn't drink water enough and the last two kilometers were so hard with my throat and mouth so dry. Next time I must find the way to drink  much water.
Thank you Susana and Daniel for been there every race giving me strength. I renember what my son told me when I were finishing: "daddy go as faster as you can" and of course, I did it.  I love you both.